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There’s A Whatsapp ‘Bomb Message’ Going Round That Can Crash Your phone

There’s A Whatsapp ‘Bomb Message’ Going Round That Can Crash Your phone
It adds to the growing trend of ‘bomb messages’ that are capable of crashing the app and your whole phone.

Reports suggest the issue isn’t just confined to Whatsapp either, as a similar message is affecting Apple devices in the messaging app.

Bomb Messages tend to have hidden symbols within them, when a user taps on part of the text the phone tries to expand the symbols which can result in it crashing.

It seems there are two variations going round at the moment.

One reads “If you touch the black point then your whatsapp will hang”, next to a small black circle. Essentially warning you that touching the message won’t have the best consequences. Yet people have still been touching the black dot.

The other reads “This is very Interesting!” and includes the crying laughing emoji. Behind that though is a collection of hidden symbols designed to overload your device.

People have reported issues within Whatsapp both on Android and iOS. However it seems it’s only Android devices that are suffering the full operating crash.

Whatsapp are yet to issue any kind of statement on the problem, however it’s likely there will be an update in the coming days to iron out the bug. Until then, maybe don’t open any of these unusual looking messages.


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